Approved designs: Business

August 24th, 2006



I like these designs. The photos are brought to the fore and nicely framed by the OU Turquoise info header.


Great, high-impact pic. What does this massive sat-dish do? Is it one those ones that searches for extra-terrestrial life?

Nice to see OU ORange get an outing.


2 Responses to “Approved designs: Business”

  1. Dan

    Agreed, and that’s the finance one I mentioned earlier in a comment. It also backs your point that cliched images are a no no. Here the use of money is sensible, and nicely executed.

  2. Guy Carberry

    So, have you seen any other examples of interesting OU designs lately? If you have, please let me know. Quite useful to post them up somewhere (not in powerpoint slides!) where we can quickly have a look and take some inspiration!